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What Our Client Say

Completing JPT’d 6 week challenge has been one of THE BEST decisions I have made in a long time. Always being a “diet starts tomorrow” kind of girl, I really needed the accountability, close guidance and support from JPT fitness to help me achieve my goals. I feel great and energised, I’m absolutely blown away by my results and I don’t want to stop. My pre baby body is back and I’m feeling lean and strong and I wouldn’t have achieved that without Jake’s support. The training sessions are a lot of FUN too. The programme is tailored to your personal needs and goals and the exercise delivered in an awesome group environment.I usually find the gym and training environments intimidating but JPT made me feel welcome and comfortable from day 1.


After completing the program I was buzzing with the results. I gained the knowledge needed to train smarter and eat healthier every day. JPT fitness really helped me to get back on track with my diet and training after a period out. I lost fat, gained muscle and still continue to do so with the tools learned. Would recommend to anyone.


I signed up for the 6 week challenge with JPT Fitness and it’s been an amazing and life changing exercise. Jake is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable and helps to make everything so much fun. 
I lost just below 2 stone and I feel so much lighter on my feet and fitter than I have ever been. The sessions are well thought out and planned and Jake caters for all abilities so everyone feels at home early on. If you see some of these bootcamp ads floating around and are thinking about giving it a go then look no further than JPT Fitness. It truly makes a difference.


So, just had my final weigh-in of my 6-week challenge and I was shocked at how well it went! How can I have made so much progress when I was having so much fun training?!

I can’t recommend JPT fitness highly enough. 
The training sessions are for all abilities and have a real mix of exercises which change for each session. 
Thank you JPT, you’ve given me the kick up the backside I needed! Can’t wait to carry on training with you guys.


At first I was apprehensive about joining this as from my previous history I’ve never really stuck to anything and always ended up going back to my bad eating habits! I can honestly say Jake has completely changed my mindset when it comes to fitness & the way I eat. He’s made me go from somebody who would seclude themselves and not want to leave the house to somebody who has a lot more confidence and loves every training session I go to . If anybody is having doubts on signing up, then don’t as honestly this has changed everything for me and I cannot wait to carry on and keep seeing the results . Thanks Jake



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